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tv   Cavuto on Business  FOX Business  October 25, 2015 6:30am-7:01am EDT

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come back to 25%. >> that was a buy level cut. >> you're cute. but our producer is cuter. in 1985, what did you look like? aw. >> she still is cute. >> our great country to default the day of reckoning will be terrible. >> each day as we draw closer to this deadline it's at the expense of our economy. the expense of jobs. >> could put our financial system in the kind of tail spin that we saw back in 2007-2008. >> don't threaten to shutdown government. it's not a tool. it's a weapon. >> let's take the threat of economic catastrophe off the table now before it's too late. >> who knew. halloween is already here. hello, everyone. these kind of scare tactics on
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the debt lim are what's really scary put i see them really often. we have ben stein, mcdowell. mr. tough guy -- oh really. here we go again. >> here we go again. those things were so. you talk about an abuse of power or abuse of influence. they should all be apologizing for that. here's the bottom line -- >> but that cast of characters watching debt spending is like me going to a weight watchers convention. >> we raised the debt ceiling 24 times. but president obama was talking about was out of line. the progressives have built on obama's administration a utopia welfare system and they have run out of money. we took in 2$2.7 trillion.
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money will be coming in. everyone watching this show. when you get your check, all that tax dollars, that will be coming up. money will be flooding our government. we have to make a decision on what we want to spend it on but the money will come in. >> those who are giving the doom and gloom talk are different than the same ones giving similar doom and gloom talk at the other guy. then senator barrack obama saying we got to move on the debt thing had a different point of view in 2006 saying america has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. americans deserve better. i therefore intend to oppose the effort to increase america's debt limit. it was 8.5 trillion and today it's $18.2 trillion. please explain how embarrassed you feel as a liberal. >> terribly embarrassed neil. senator barrack obama in 2006
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was wrong. r radicals know it would be a really foolish thing to allow a default to happen. why would we default? that's what then senator balm pa -- obama was attempting. why is it bad when republicans do it and perfectly fine when democrats do it. politics? >> it's not perfectly fine. it's wrong. i think he was wrong and i think that responsible republicans and democrats don't want to do that. >> i wasn't prepared for you to say i think the president was wrong. that came out of left field. you got me there buddy. ben stein, what do you make of this? we go back all the time on this issue. >> well i think that actually i hate to say this, i hope i won't be egged at my house but i think starting with ronald reagan cutting taxes too much and ever since then we had an on going crisis and we had on going
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crisis, our taxes are just too low to support that kind of government we want. we have to grit our teeth and agree we're going to pay more taxes. the horrible thing, i don't like paying taxes, the same with everybody else but we're not going to cut our spending. >> why do you give up on cutting spending? >> we can't. we tried and tried and tried. >> cut spending. both parties say they're going to make a good stab at cutting spending and they never do. >> even with the sequester cuts both sides weren't happy about that. so there's never -- it's like if you decide to cut one play somebody is going to hate it. this is an example of the on going dysfunction in government and in terms of scare tactics, paul o'neill he threatened to quit.
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he said i'm not going to be in this job and do something unconstitutional. it goes both ways. you can do the math all you want but i don't want to play chicken with this. let's not raise the debt ceiling and see what happens. >> i agree. that's russian roulette. more comical though is the fact that we keep revisiting is dangerous to our credit worthiness and all of that but you made an interesting point about just addressing the fact that the money is still coming in to obviously to avoid default you have to make good on those payments. >> you prioritize. >> so i would think with this we could do that. >> ben said we grit our teeth. no, america has had to grit their teeth. the american public watching this show. >> are you saying they're gritting their teeth because they're watching this show? >> no, because their salaries
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have gone down. they spend less money than before, make less money than before and lost their homes. they have been so firefightersicly responsible and to hear a government say we can't do it. the ultimate game of chicken is where we're going with this debt. okay. 18 trillion, no big deal. we keep whistling past it but we're building mount everest that we're going to drive off one day. >> i think that's spot on. a perfectly good conversation and the right conversation and if our congress and president could work together we could have that conversation. the way to have that conversation is not to say we're going to shutdown the government and do all of these things that make us look like crazy people. >> you don't think it's crazy to say we're going to default when we get to that brink. you're one of the best people i know at math. you understand money in and money out. doesn't it behoove both sides to
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rachet it down and not say things like default when you know that scares the you know what out of people. >> i'm going to disappoint you by saying yes we should rachet it down. that's the way to move forward on all of these debates is to ask our representatives to behave like statesmen and women and solve these problems. >> i want to take issue with something that charles was saying about how so many people have been firefightescally resp in their on lives, there are many, many millions of americans that get handouts from the government in another way. i'm talking about tax handouts and tax expenditures galore. >> the greatest possible respect that is not the governments. we're not taking it away from the government. >> she didn't say anything about taking away from the government. >> yes, you said people take it
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away -- >> half the country -- >> you said we have all these people not giving the government their share because they have mortgage deductions and other deductions. that money does not start out in the eye of god belonging to the government. >> let me start out -- >> i do want to raise taxes but that would be done under law by congressional action and i'm happy to pay higher taxes if it goes to the military. >> and another thing i will add and people will never get elected to the white house running on fixing social security and medicare and i'm talking about people who have medicare today who are on the system and who are going to ultimately take out a lot more than they ever put in and i don't think that people will ever acknowledge that and that's part of fixing the financial problem that the country is facing. >> you've just alienated everyone that watches our show.
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>> it's an interesting point here. are we fit to judge our government when millions americans are worse. >> absolutely. the average household pay has gone from 56,000 to 50,000 under the last two administrations. in fact from 60,000 to 50,000. so if we had a government establishing the right kind of economic system where we could all really benefit and we wouldn't need earned income tax credits and we could lower the mortgage deductions. instead we got president obama vetoing a defense bill because he wants the republicans to spend more money. you can spend more on defense. let me spend more on what i want. you have another one saying let's bring pack earmarks. every time we get near the fisc fiscal cliff we should go to a place where we're more responsible and somehow we end up spending more money. >> okay. now i'm depressed. i missed the opportunity to say,
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you know, my dad was a union guy. >> he takes the wheel of the car and drives it into the ditch by talking about isis somehow. >> that's what i miss. those moments. he has the votes apparently but does he have the time? what the next speaker we're told is demanding that has someone here asking, really, are you seriou serious? the crying over ryan. >> on forbes on fox, vice president ryan may be out of the race but he took a parting shot at hilary and has he got a point? plus report of a new surge in illegal border crossing just as senate democrats
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business. for your headlines log on to fox >> all right. what if a ceo, maybe yours said this. >> i cannot and i will not give up my family time. i may not be on the road as often as previous speakers. but i pledge to try and make up for it with more time communicating our vision, our message. >> i got it, my bosses said, you know, i want to show up two minutes before my show and i want to leave like a puff of smoke. guess what they said?
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i can't repeat it. anyway, paul ryan is being celebrated by many for a message that there is such a thing as a work-life balance. but then, a lot of critics say he'll be mailing it in. what do you think? >> i think he's insane. absolutely insane. >> don't give me my grief. tell me how you feel. >> to be saying he has to be at his children's soccer practice. look, if he doesn't want the job, don't take the job. it's a full time job. it's a gigantically important job. this is a hard working man. no one doubts his intelligence. although i doubt whether he's sane. he came up with all of those complicated budgetary plans but this is crazy. this is a full time 24/7 job. >> 24/7, that's a lot of hours. you got to sleep. >> this is not a brownie troop leader job.
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>> we apologize for any brownie troop leaders that might be watching. >> what do you think? he's trying to balance this whole work-life thing now. we would probably be focussing on it if a woman was up for that job she said that she might be treated differently. do you think he makes a point? >> i think he makes a great point. totally disagree with ben and we criticize these people in washington for plead guilty out of touch with reality for not understanding the american people. they are out of touch. they don't have normal lives. there strange people. he's saying i want to have a normal life or at least a little bit of a normal life. let's face it, spending four nights away from your family every single week, that's not exactly normal either. >> one of the things he said, i didn't realize all the other things that come with the speaker job, fund-raising and going away on weekends. >> it's called working. he makes six figures a year.
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get over it. dream boat. >> does he make a point that that veers him from the assignments of that job? >> he shouldn't have run for office if he was not willing to put in the hours required of it. >> that part of his job is wasted hours? jimmy carter was a brilliant t president, had a high iq -- >> no, he wasn't. >> bear with me. ronald reagan didn't work half as many hours and had a much better presidency. so who says the time you put in necessarily means you're doing a good job. >> i agree with you but he doesn't need to advertise it. >> oh. >> like why make a big deal about it. >> a agree with ben one million percent. we talked about this on fox news on friday and i got a lot of e-mails and tweets saying charles it's quality not quantity. you can have quality work and still have to put in 80 hours of
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it. of course it's quality but we're talking about an amazing demanding job. he knows the job description and this is one of my biggest beeves with president palm balm. i've never seen a chief executive golf as much as him on the most unfortunate occasions. and now paul ryan, give me a break. it's ridiculous. >> when we come back, hillary clinton wants to force private companies to share profit with workers but did
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just a very quick apology update for any brownie troop leaders. a large section of the population, we apologize. the opinions expressed on this show are those of who made it. how is this for a profit sharing plan? twitter's ceo said he'll give one third of the company shares to workers at the same company. and no one is forcing him to do it. >> someone might want to share that little tidbit with hillary clinton. >> she's been the ce o, right, of major u.s. corporations. she should know how to run them. no. >> i don't think -- >> you're a hater. >> i don't think you need to dictate in detail, which she's done how companies compensate employees. if twitter's ceo wants to toe nate shares to people who work there, fantastic. i don't think it need s to come from a politician.
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you compensate your employees so they work hard for you. >> he's our chairman here. he runs a company. our own ebenezer scrooge. how do you deal with this? >> there is a thing called profit sharing. also known as a salary. you come to work, you get paid. you do a good job. we'll give you a bonus. >> all right. what do you think about the twitter guy? >> it's commendable. he mismanaged the company. stock went from 60 to 30. me eh probably felt guilty. >> you said it in 140 characters or less. >> i took my company public, gave away stock and i wish i hadn't. >> really? >> yeah. >> wow. >> if you're really guilty in california you give employees weed. >> all right. >> ben stein, what do you make of this? >> the employees are already
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getting revenue. so i don't see why they should be compelled to give profit. if the employer wants to give out profit, fine. but they are taking it from the retirees, teachers, people planning on having money for their children's college. that money doesn't come out of thin air. the government telling people to do it is rank bolshevism. >> wow. >> i did, too. >> adam. >> i'm sorry to interrupt with facts but the proposal is not to force companies to do anything. it is to offer a tax incentive for profit-sharing which is a good idea. >> mandatory overtime, paternity and maternity leave of six months. that's something she wants to pick up from her old boss. it's something she wants to mandate. >> we have been doing those things for a hundred years in this country. that's how our country evolves. >> not mandated. not at the federal level.
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>> thank you very much for alienating the base of yours. that was nice of you. i think she'll be back next week. meanwhile, did you see the amazing amazon? if you missed this run-up we have the next homerun.
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you missed amazon? other amazing bets.
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charles >> whirlpool is over sold. >> vanguard, mid cap etx. >> ben? >> sdy dividend heavy index fund. >> in just a few words, countless opportunities on fox. vice president joe biden nixing a presidential run this week saying the parties have to work together for america. >> i don't believe, like some do, that it's naive to talk to republicans. i don't think we should look at republicans as our enemies. they are our opposition. they are not our enemies. >> mm-hm >> hmm, i wonder if he was talking about hillary clinton saying this. >> which enemy are you most proud of? >> the nra, drug companies, the iranians, probably the republicans. >> iranian


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